STCK : Parish Council

Parish Council

The Kandanvilai parish solely based on the whole hearted dedication of the parish priests and co-operation of the parish people.

Parish council advises the priest in decision making. The council consists of forty two members. The current parish council constitute election was detained on Sunday, February 4, 2018 and has been constituted with those 41 members (including the Parish Priest).

Each member serves a three year term. The council tries to maintain members from various Pious Associations and Anbiayams, so as to supply a multiplicity of ideas for the priest. Council works to build the parish as a living Christian community. It meets the first Sunday of the month at 11:00 am.

It is the thinking, planning, and reflection group for the parish. The commissions are accountable to the pastoral council. A representative from each committee will be appointed to serve as a liaison providing a direct link to pastoral council.

The liaison will attend all Commission meetings and events providing support and assistance when needed. He or she will also give a verbal report describing activities, successes, concerns, problems, etc. to the pastoral council. Each of the commissions or committees shall cooperate or collaborate with any of the other groups and submit reports to the council in joint areas of responsibility.

The followings are the list of newly elected Administrators and Representatives of our Parish Council.

Head of the Anbiyam

  • 01. Mr. Stephen Domnic Savio
  • 02. Mrs. Ratnam
  • 03. Mrs. Jeba Sheeba
  • 04. Mr. Jelindino
  • 05. Mr. Lourdwin Benny
  • 06. Mr. Amirthanesan
  • 07. Mr. Jerald Anto
  • 08. Mrs. Regin Vetri Kala
  • 09. Mr. Josephine King Virgin
  • 10. Mrs. Sahaya Pemila Rose
  • 11. Mr. Amaladas
  • 12. Mrs. Jacqueline
  • 13. Mr. James Raj
  • 14. Mrs. Sophia Youvans
  • 15. Mrs. Christal Gnanamalar
  • 16. Mr. Rajamani
  • 17. Mrs. Sheela Rani
  • 18. Mrs. Edwin Pushparani
  • 19. Mr. Pascal Ponnumuthu

Pious Associations

  • Catechism - Mrs. Josphine Rani
  • Legion of Mary - Mr. Yesuraj
  • Franciscan III Order - Mrs. Francis Ammal
  • St.Vincent De Paul - Mrs. Mary Delphin
  • Sacred Heart Association - Mrs. Therese Lily
  • Christian Life Association - Mrs. Janet
  • Catholic Association - Mr. Joseph Arputham
  • Village Development Association - Mrs. Anitha
  • Gloping Movement - Mrs. Mary Bettribai
  • Women Commission - Mrs. Lily Malar
  • Women Worker Group - Mrs. Vijaya
  • Youth Movement - Mrs. Bersey
  • Catholic Action Society - Mr. Prabhu Reegan
  • Y.C.S - Mrs. Mary Shayla
  • Religious - Sr. Kavitha
  • School Representative - Mrs. Alphonsal
  • Nominated Person - Mrs. Mary Vijaya