STCK : Our Parish Priests

Parish Priests of our Church

Kandanvilai parish is solely based on the whole hearted dedication of the parish priests and co-operation of the parish people. The following priests were serving their duties while the Kandanvilai parish was being as a substation of Karankadu.

1. Rev. Ignatius Maria (1927 - 1931)

As long as Kandanvilai was a substation of Karankad parish, there were 3 priests guided the Karankad Parish. Rev.Fr. Ignatius Maria served from 1927 - 1931. During his period, the construction work of St. Therese Church started in the year 1927. He also constructed a small Steeple on the roadside for the convenience of the pilgrim. He constructed a Choultry. He urged the people to construct a parish hall for the priest, a shed and a well.

2. Rev. Varghese (1931 - 1934)

From 1931 - 1934, Rev.Fr. Varghese was served as the parish priest. He erected a Belfry on the North portico of the Church and installed both the bells sent from France by the sisters of St. Therese.

3. Rev. D.C. Anthony (1934 - 1944)

In the year 1934, Rev.Fr. D.C. Anthony took charge and served as parish priest. He started the Legion of Mary for the parishioners and for children; he founded an association named Narkarunai Veeran. He erected a building for the school. The remarkable service in his period was that he made arrangements for the common cemetery. To assist in his service Mr. Bakianathan donated a piece of land named Aandichivilai for the cemetery.

In the year 1944, Kandanvilai substation was upgraded and declared as a, New Parish Church under Kottar Diocese. The following priests were rendered their services in Kandanvilai parish with their hearty souls.

1. Rev. V.J. Stephen (1944 - 1949)

In the year 1944, Kandanvilai substation was declared as, a New Parish Church under Kottar Diocese. Rev.Fr. V.J. Stephen was the first parish priest of Kandanvilai parish. In his period, the Flagpole cut from a single rock was installed. He laid foundation for the Steeple on the roadside. Another noticeable work was the establishment of Grotto for Our Lady of Lourdes. In his period, the chariot for processions on wheel was also made.

2. Rev. J. Pious Morris (1949 - 1963)

From 1949 - 1963 (14 years), Rev. J. Pious Morris rendered his service in Kandanvilai parish. During this period he increased the land property in the Rosary Mount and begun the devoutness on Mount Mary. Where at present the monastery, the Handloom Society, the Rosary Chapel etc, are situated. He also started, especially the presidium of legion of Mary. He also made arrangements for electrical wiring of the Church.

3. Rev. L. Xavier Rajamani (1963 - 1964)

From 1963 - 1964, Rev.Fr. L. Xavier Rajamani served as parish priest.

4. Rev. B.J.R. Alexander (1964 - 1967)

From 1964 - 1967, Rev.Fr. B.J.R. Alexander rendered his service as parish priest. By his endeavour he completed the construction work of the present Steeple for which the foundation was laid by the Rev. Fr. V.J. Stephen. And, it was completed and blessed on, December 12, 1967. He also organized and encouraged teachers and students to involve in catechism and he convened special orientation to inculcate the significant of Catechism.

5. Rev. M. Soosai Michael (1967 - 1968)

Rev.Fr. M. Soosai Michael severed a a parish priest during the period 1967 - 1968.

6. Rev. M. Maria Gregory (1968 - 1972)

In the year 1968, Rev.Fr. M. Gregory took charge of the parish. He laid foundation for the extension work of the Church. In this period the way to the Rosary Mount was bought and the path was laid. He brought sound system facility in the Church. He introduced the Novena celebration of Mother Mary and also stressed the people to partake in the Holy Communion with the children in an orderly way. In 1972 he retired from his service as he was suffering from physical ailments.

7. Rev. N.J. George (1972 - 1973)

Rev.Fr. N.J. George was took charge of the parish temporarily as Rev.Fr. Maria Gregory got sick. He served as parish priest for an year.

8. Rev. C.F. Wenceslas (1973 - 1976)

In the year 1973, Rev.Fr. C.F. Wenceslas took charge of the parish. The Parish Managing Committee, a Primary Health Centre and a Co-Operative Society came into existence. The Vincent De' Paul Society was also introduced during his period.

9. Rev. T. Jesudhasan Thomas (1976 - 1980)

In the year 1976, Rev.Fr. T. Jesudhasan Thomas took charge of the parish. He rendered his valuable service for 5 years to the parish. He took the endeavour of constructing the front extension of the main entrance and the tower as well; it was blessed on, October 05, 1979. He also rejuvenated the alter and installed the Crucifix at the center of the altar etc,. The Parish Council Hall, the building for Handloom Society, Monastery, Amber Spinning Center, Nursery School were constructed.

With the help of KSSS he constructed houses for poor under the scheme called Food for work. He also arranged fund for development and maintenance of certain ponds and wells for drinking water supply. The large well found in the banks of the pool (Kanchirankulam) was one among them. He encouraged the people to celebrate the Jubilee of the Church and also issued the souvenir. As the memory of Golden Anniversary on completion of church construction, a Golden Jubilee magazine was released.

10. Rev. M. Arul Devadhason (1980 - 1985)

In the year 1980, Rev.Fr. M. Arul Devadhason took the responsibility of leading the parish. He implemented the Parish Council system as per the rules and regulations of the Diocese. During his service, the current Parsonage was constructed and blessed on October 03, 1982.

11. Rev. V. Hilarious (1985 - 1987)

Succeeding him in 1985, Rev.Fr. V. Hilarious took charge of the parish. He established a Stupa on the Rosary Mount. He also made arrangements for the tube lights in the Church.

12. Rev. A. Jesu Marian (1987 - 1989)

In the year 1987, Rev.Fr. A. Jesu Marian remarkably served as parish priest. He took special step to improve Catechism, Bible classes and the special worships.

In this period, the first constitution of the Parish Council was established through an election according to the rules and regulations of Kottar Diocese on, May 05, 1988.

13. Rev. M. Arul (1989 - 1992)

Succeeding him in the year 1989, Rev.Fr. M. Arul served as parish priest with the assistance of Catholic Association, he constructed the auditorium. He also made arrangements for the construction for the new building in St. Theresa Primary School, Pandaravilai.

14. Rev. S. Salomon (1992 - 1995)

In the year 1992, Rev. Fr. S. Salomon took charge of the parish. He encouraged the people to give donations, and directly involved in the construction of South and North sides of the church towers and was blessed on, September 23, 1994. In his period, the foundation was laid for the Chapel at Rosary Mount. He introduced a Novena celebration of St. Therese on Thursday. In 1995 the Novena jubilation was celebrated by the combined endeavour of the Parish Council, Parish Priest and the people.

15. Rev. G. Justus (1995 - 1996)

In the year 1995, Rev.Fr. G. Justus took charge as the parish priest followed by him.

16. Rev. B. Russel Raj (1996 - 1997)

In the year 1996, Rev.Fr. B. Russel Raj took charge of the parish, and he made rejuvenation in most of the associations in the parish. He introduced the Basic Christian Community (BCC) in the parish. He started the organization for the devotion movement under the guidance of Kottar. He undertook and completed the work of installation of 14 stations of the Way of the Cross, along the path to Rosary Mount Chapel.

The centenary celebration of St. Therese was celebrated in a grand manner in his period. As mark of this celebration, the cornerstone for St. Therese Hall was laid by Most Rev. Leon A. Dharmaraj. Many people belong to different places donated generously. Rev. Fr. M. Peter who hails from the parish, donated a generator to the hall.

17. Rev. S. Jesu Retnam (1997 - 2001)

In the year 1997, Rev.Fr. S. Jesu Retnam came to the parish as the parish priest. By his special endevour and the co-operation of the parish people, the first phase of St. Therese Auditorium construction work was completed and blessed on, January 01, 1999. The flooring inside the church was upgraded from tiles to marbles with the cost of Rs.3,30,000/-.

The Millennium of the entry of St. Therese's heavenly life was celebrated; as part of this, there was a special magazine was released in the year 1997. St. Therese Primary School was upgraded to Middle School under the self help scheme; he also made an arrangement for additional buildings for this school. He introduced the Computer Educational System in the school. He took special risk in the implementation and development of Basic Christian Community. He raised fund for the educational developments of poor students. Rev. Fr. Elphinston a son of the soil contributed a large fund for educational service.

18. Rev. F. Maria Michael (2001 - 2003)

Since Rev.Fr. S. Jesu Retnam got promotion as Vicar of Mulagamoodu Vicariate, Rev.Fr. F. Maria Michael took charge of Kandanvilai parish on 2001. He undertook the second phase of St. Therese Auditorium construction work. It was completed and blessed on 2002 by Kottar Bishop Most Rev. A. Leon Dharmaraj. With the endeavour of Rev. Fr. Maria Michael, a Fine Art Associations came into being in Kandanvilai parish. There was a coral jubilation celebrated with the invocation that a torch was brought to the Church from the Bishop's House on April 07, 2003. A Mass was offered as the core of the celebration. As a memory of this celebration, a special magazine was released. After a period of two years service he left the parish.

19. Rev. S. Vincent Raj (2003 - 2006)

Rev.Fr. S. Vincent Raj took charge as the parish priest in the year 2003 and he decided to rejuvenate the Rosary Mount Chapel. He undertook and accomplished the Rosary Mount Chapel with successfully. The new Chapel in rosary mount was blessed on, February 06, 2005 by Kottar Bishop Most. Rev. A. Leon Dharmaraj. There is a Holy Mass is held on the first Saturday of every month in Rosary Mount Chapel at 6:15 am. Also, the St. Therese IUDICA hospital was constructed and blessed. He introduced the Small Savings Scheme for the parishioners to full-fill their needs and it has been running very effectively.

20. Rev. R. Isaac Raj (2006 - 2012)

Rev.Fr. R. Isaac Raj took charge as the parish priest on 2006 and he inspired to modernize the ceiling of the Church. The generous people came forth to put in their all for rejuvenation. The year 2007, there was a decision taken harmoniously in the general body and parish council meeting to adapt the upper limit from mud tile to metal sheet (Galvanizing sheet) for avoidance of natural calamities. The stately newly upper layer work was completed on, February 2008. During his period, the church alter was rejuvenated with a new architect design and colors.

In addition, there was a ramp constructed in between Church ground and the second phase of St. Therese's Auditorium; it helps the people to enter the auditorium from the Church very easily. Also, the kitchen was modernized with modern cooking infrastructures like Gas stove connection, water provisions, etc., The stations of Hidden Mysteries of the Rosary were established along the way to Rosary Mount Chapel.

21. Rev. J.R. Patrick Xavier (2012 - 2015)

Rev.Fr. J.R. Patrick Xavier took charge as the parish priest on February 16, 2012, and he served the parish for three years very efficiently. He got transferred to another parish on, June 18, 2015. His developments of the parish are as follows:

He started St. Therese's Children English Medium School in the church campus with the cost of Rs.60 lakhs and is running with more than 200 students. The premises in Rosary Mount Chapel was extended with 15 cents by bought of new land with cost of Rs.7,21,744/-. Also, the shaggy ground in Chapel premises was smoothed and flat with a compound wall. He also erected a water purification system in the church premises and it is being used by residents for drinking and cooking. There was a Stone Steeple (Kal Kurusadi) built in the entrance of Rosary Mount Chapel with cost of Rs.3 lakhs.

22. Rev. K. George (2015 - 2016)

Rev.Fr. K. George took charge as the parish priest on June 20, 2015 along with Rev. Fr. V. Benito who joined as an Associate Priest. They both continued their service to the parish for a year very effectively and successfully.

Rev. V. Benitto (Associate Priest, 2015 - 2016)

During their period, a new Children’s Choir was formed in the Church to give children an opportunity to serve in worship and to minister others through their music. When children sing Scripture, they remember it to a lifetime. They also worked closely with STCK Techies Team (maintains Church website, Live telecast, etc,.) during the festival for the live telecast and Documentary release which covers the life history of St. Therese and about the Kandanvilai parish. They also initiated a special prayer, novena and Special Holy Mass on every Fridays at 11:00 am in the Chapel. They worked with the Catholic Association people to erect a Pieta Statue in the Rosary Mount Chapel. They both got transferred to another parish on 23rd of May 2016.

23. Rev. W. Sahaya Justus (2016 - 2024)

Rev.Fr. W. Sahaya Justus took charge as the parish priest on, May 22, 2016 and continuing his service in the parish very efficiently. On 2nd June 2024, he successfully completed his pastoral work at Kandanvilai parish.

Rev. M. Stephen Raj, SDS (Associate Priest, 2017 - 2018)

Rev.Fr. M. Stephen Raj (SDS) joined as an Associate Priest with Rev.Fr. W. Sahaya Justus on, May 21, 2017 server for a year and continues serving the parish with . They both continued their service to the parish for a year very effectively and successfully.

24. Rev. A. Maria Vincent (Parish Priest 2024 - Till Date)

Rev.Fr. A. Maia Vincent took charge as the parish priest on, June 1st, 2024 and continuing his service in the parish very efficiently.